I was born to be a creator. When I was just 5 years old, I started making up stories and drawing pictures. When I was 13, I drafted a novel. When I was 17, I began taking college-level design and photography courses. All my life, I’ve loved expressing myself creatively.

I’ve been a creator for years, but I still hit blocks sometimes. All creators do. It’s not always easy to draw what we want to draw or write what we want to write. There are times when we overthink things or criticize our work, making it difficult for us to let our creative energy flow. It’s easy to get stuck.

I am both creative and perfectionistic. These two qualities do not always mix well; sometimes, creating feels like a war waged between the right and left sides of my brain. My wild creative ideas are stifled by the perfectionist left side of my brain, leaving me discouraged and confused. Recently, I have hit the most enormous creative block I have ever experienced. I haven’t written for pleasure or made art in months. I haven’t expressed myself as much through style and beauty, which is something I used to do all the time. I’ve abandoned the things that I love, and I’ve been absolutely miserable.

This massive creative block has taught me a lesson: I need to balance my creativity and perfectionism. Setting high standards for myself is great, but not when I criticize my own creations to the point of wanting to give up. I can’t be happy in life without indulging in art, writing, and the many other creative activities that I enjoy. It’s time for me to make my passions a priority. I’m ready to let go of my fear of failure and overcome this creative block.

Today is the day that I am regaining control of my creativity. Now, it’s your turn. Stop thinking too much and go make something you love.

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