The season of giving has arrived. Exchanging gifts during the holidays is a tradition in many cultures, so regardless of which holiday you celebrate, you may be looking for the perfect gift for that special someone. I’m so excited to share an amazing jewelry brand I discovered while shopping on Black Friday.

I came across Luxa Jewelry while perusing Twisted Arrow, a local boutique in my hometown of Pensacola, FL. A quick disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored or endorsed by Luxa Jewelry. I am giving my honest review of the brand and the products based on my experience with them.

When I walked by the Luxa Jewelry stand, the trendy bohemian pieces instantly caught my eye. Just look at some of these beauties!



These are 100% my style, and all the items are reasonably priced, too. So you get high quality, stylish, versatile jewelry for a great price. Can’t beat it.

Even better, by purchasing from Luxa Jewelry, you are supporting a small business. Why is support for small and locally owned businesses so important? Because they are essentially the backbone of our economy. According to Forbes, about 63% of new jobs were created from small business between 1993 and mid 2013. If we want to continue to lower the unemployment rate here in the U.S., we must support small business.

When I buy a product or service from a small business, I feel a lot more connected to both the company and my purchase. Whenever I wear jewelry bought from a local boutique or small business, I feel like I add a personal, unique touch to my outfit. I love Francesca’s (I actually used to work there– that’s a story for another day), but because it’s a chain with over 600 stores nationwide, I know that when I buy a piece from Francesca’s, many people will have the same thing as me. When shopping with a company as small as Luxa Jewelry, I know there is a story behind each piece, and the passion of its creator is connected to it. I can better express my personal style by wearing unique pieces from small boutiques. I think we should all feel good about supporting small and local business because we are helping our economy while making real people’s dreams come true.

Here is one of my favorite Luxa Jewelry pieces:


This bangle is so classic, simple, and cute. I can dress it up or dress it down. I can stack it with other bracelets or I can wear it by itself for a subtle accent. I love that it comes in both silver and gold. I purchased the silver one because I have really been digging silver jewelry recently, but I would wear the gold one too.

Here is how I style my silver St Maarten Pearl bangle:

img_0673 img_0674

Complemented by two stacked Pandora rings and my Pandora charm bracelet.


I decided to dress it up today by wearing a magenta dress from American Rag. As you can see, there are many bigger brands that I love, but by purchasing more pieces from small boutiques and retailers, I can diversify my style.

This holiday season, support small business. You will delight your loved ones while helping real, hardworking people to support their families and chase their passions. By shopping with small businesses, you are giving more than you realize.

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