The Great Ocean Road is a scenic coastal drive in Victoria, Australia near the city of Melbourne. While visiting Melbourne, my friends and I decided to book a Great Ocean Road tour. If you want to see the best of the Great Ocean Road, I highly recommend Autopia Tours; Darren, our tour guide, picked my group up from the hostel we were staying at in Melbourne, drove us to each tour location in a bus, and made our experience awesome overall. (He also took pictures of us with his fancy camera and shared them with us for free, which was super nice of him!)

During our tour, we saw exotic wildlife, lots of beach, beautiful rainforests, and the iconic 12 Apostles. This tour was one of the highlights of my entire Australia trip. It was so much fun to go on the tour with my friends while experiencing such breathtaking sights. My favorite part of it was definitely seeing the 12 Apostles. I have never seen such incredible rock structures in my life.

In the gallery above, check out the photos I took during my Great Ocean Road experience. (Beware, you may want to book a flight to Australia after you see them!)


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