As a creative, I’m always looking for some gorgeous new fonts to use in my work. Since my primary creative focus right now is blogging, I use fonts mainly for my WordPress featured images and Pinterest images. Today, I want to share 30 of my favorite creative fonts. While I use these for blogging, I’m sure they would suit many different types of creative projects. And even better, they’re all FREE. I always appreciate when bloggers share their resources, and I love sharing mine too! Blogging is all about showing support and sharing the love.

Here are the links to download each font:

Arabella // Angelface // Bakery // Ballerina Script // Bromello // Cavorting // Channel // Chasing Embers // Debby // Gardenia // In Screaming Color // Journal // Lily Script One // Magnolia Sky // Marguaritas // Marker Felt // Mightype Script // Milkshake // Modesty // Morva // Noteworthy // Nouradilla // Pennellino // Savoye LET // Shoreline Script Bold // Signpainter // Smoothie Shoppe // Snell Roundhand // Sophia // Zapfino

Thanks so much for checking these out! If this post was helpful to you, don’t forget to pin, share, and subscribe!


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