We can never have too much positivity in our lives.

I like to spread kindness and positivity whenever I can. I’m very excited to post today because I get to share a project that I have been working on for the past few weeks.

I created 15 printable inspirational quote posters just for you.

That’s right. I created 15 posters for you that you can print out and hang wherever you’d like. I love having wall decorations in my room, especially ones that make me smile when I see them. Because I love my readers so much, I decided to create posters of my own and share them!

In the posters I created, the watercolor textures, roseswatercolor flowers, feather designs, and wreath designs are courtesy of the lovely Angie and her blog called Angie Makes. She’s amazing. Please check out her work and send her lots of love!

Want to know how to get your posters?

Just click the links below!

Printable Inspirational Quotes 1-7

Printable Inspirational Quotes 8-15

I really hope you enjoy the posters! Thanks so much for checking them out. If you love these printables, don’t forget to pin this post and subscribe to me by entering your email down below.


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