It’s official: printables are AWESOME.

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with printables. A printable is just a document you can print out and use for a certain purpose. Printables can be used to keep you organized, inspire you, help you track your goals, etc. The possibilities are endless!

I compiled this list to give myself future ideas for printables. If you’re a creative like me, you can use it to come up with ideas on what to make. However, if you just want to start using printables for yourself, you can also use this list to come up with ideas on what to search for on Pinterest, Google, or whatever you search for stuff on. Keep reading to discover how printables can be helpful to you.

Creating printables to help your readers (and drive traffic to your blog)

In my previous blog post, I created 15 printable inspirational quote posters that you can hang anywhere. I really enjoyed creating them, and I want to make more to share on my blog in the future! Currently, I am using my printable inspirational quotes as an opt-in offer. That means that only people who subscribe to my blog through email can get access to them. Using printables as an opt-in offer has worked well for me. They help others, and they also help me because people are willing to subscribe to my blog to download them. It’s a win-win!

Also, there are people who make money from selling printables. Who ever knew? I’m not selling mine right now, but I might consider it in the future. If you think you’ve got some really awesome printables that people would pay money for, you should try selling yours! You might just make a decent profit from it.

Using printables to make your life easier

Maybe you’re not a blogger. Printables can still help you! Read the list below to discover all the awesome printables you can download:

  1. Grocery list
  2. Habit tracker
  3. Posters/wall art
  4. Goal setting worksheets
  5. Meal planners
  6. Weight tracker
  7. Daily/weekly/monthly calendar
  8. Stickers
  9. Pregnancy tracker
  10. Bullet journal pages
  11. Stationary
  12. Greeting cards
  13. Artwork
  14. Stencils
  15. Hand lettering practice worksheets
  16. Origami patterns
  17. Gift tags
  18. Basically any type of list
  19. Vision board materials
  20. Labels
  21. “Assignments due” planner sheet
  22. “How to” worksheet
  23. To-do list
  24. Checklist for anything
  25. Finance tracker
  26. Exercise tracker
  27. Water drinking tracker
  28. Sleep tracker
  29. Appointments list
  30. Coloring pages
  31. Ideas list
  32. DIY project
  33. Recipe
  34. “Cheat sheet” (a lot of information about a specific topic or skill jammed into one sheet for reference)
  35. Word search
  36. Crossword puzzle
  37. Maze
  38. Word scramble
  39. Password organizer
  40. Favorite quotes fill-in list
  41. List of journaling prompts
  43. Packing list
  44. Wishlist
  45. Blog schedule
  46. Social media schedule
  47. 5 year planning goal sheet
  48. Style planning worksheet
  49. Bucket list worksheet
  50. Self-love worksheet

Thanks for reading! If you know of an awesome printable that you want to share with me, leave a link to it in the comments below.


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