I’m not dead.

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a minute since I last posted, but I’m still here, I promise.

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I’d like to, and I know that’s my fault. I’ve been very busy with school. My finals are coming up next week actually, so I’ve been working hard to prepare for those. (I have a life outside of blogging. I know, it’s very shocking.)

Aside from being busy, I’ve also been struggling with blogger’s block. I typically only write when I’m inspired, and unfortunately, inspiration isn’t always around. If you’re a fellow blogger, or a creative of any type for that matter, I’m sure you understand what it’s like to sometimes feel unmotivated and uninspired.

I’ve been working to regain inspiration and get excited about blogging again. I am passionate about blogging, but recently I’ve needed to refocus and remind myself of why I blog. Now that I have more free time, I’ve reminded myself of my love for blogging, and I’m ready to get inspired again.

If you’re struggling with blogger’s block as well, I’m here to help. I have compiled a few tips on how you can also refocus and regain your inspiration.

Here are 5 ways to beat blogger’s block:


    1. Remind yourself of why you blog.

      Above all, you should blog because you enjoy it and you’re passionate about it. It should never become only about the money or the publicity. If you’re fortunate enough to have a monetized blog, that’s awesome! But you won’t ever be happy blogging if all you’re worried about is making money from it. I am making a small sum of money from my blog, but it’s still just a hobby for me. If anything, your blog should be an awesome hobby that you can potentially earn money from. So, you should blog about topics that you enjoy blogging about instead of focusing only on the posts that will make you the most money. Never forget your true reasons for blogging. Always fuel your passion by blogging about the topics you enjoy writing about.

    2. Assess what you enjoy writing about and what you don’t.

      Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve really discovered which topics I enjoy writing about and which ones I don’t. I’ve written about variety of topics on my blog so far, and I definitely enjoy writing about some more than others. Don’t force yourself to write something you don’t want to unless you have a very good reason for it. Mostly blog about the topics you love writing about.

    3. Make a list of blog post ideas.

      If you’re struggling at coming up with blog post ideas, one way to resolve the problem is to brainstorm a giant list of ideas. Include all the ideas you come up with: the good, the bad, and the crazy. If you can’t think of many ideas, you can check out other bloggers’ posts to come up with some. I actually created a list of blog post ideas at the beginning of the year and published it here on my blog. If you still need more inspiration, you can check out my list of blog post ideas here.

    4. Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

      Goal setting is a great way to hold yourself accountable. You can set goals for the day, week, month, or year. For example, my goals for today are to write this blog post, film at least one YouTube video, go to the gym, and work on my final paper for my politics class. By having goals to work toward, you are more likely to accomplish things. I set some yearly goals for this blog, and I’ve already accomplished a few of them! I encourage you to do the same. If you’d like to read my 2017 goals for this blog, you can check them out here.

    5. Gain inspiration from your blogger friends.

      If you’re really struggling, reach out to your blogger friends and ask them for advice. I’m sure just about every blogger has struggled with blogger’s block at some point. Fellow writers can provide support and encouragement. They might even want to collaborate with you on a post or have other opportunities you might be interested in! If anything, connecting with other bloggers will remind you that they are real people too. If they can have successful blogs, so can you!

Now that I am inspired again, I will be posting a lot more often. Stay tuned for some awesome content later this month!

I hope this post was helpful to you. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to pin it and enter your email below to subscribe to me. Happy blogging!


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