Twitter is a platform that is critical for the success of many bloggers and influencers. As a blogger, I recognize the importance of maintaining an active Twitter presence. Up until now, I haven’t had much of a Twitter strategy. Because I’m really working on increasing engagement on all of my social platforms, I realized it was time to strategize.

I’ll be honest― when I first started using Twitter, I didn’t like it. I just didn’t know how to use it at first. One of my main issues with Twitter was that I could never think of what to tweet. That might sound silly because there are endless topics I could tweet about. But to me, that little blank 140-character box looked so intimidating. I often neglected my Twitter account for this reason.

To gain Twitter inspiration, I decided to come up with a list of topics for bloggers to tweet about. Below, I have shared 50 of my ideas that are sure to increase engagement both on your Twitter account and your blog.

  1. Tweet your new content.

  2. Tweet your old content.

  3. Tweet others’ content.

  4. Tweet a tip, trick, or hack related to your niche.

  5. Tweet an inspirational quote.

  6. Tweet about a current event.

  7. Tweet about a current trend.

  8. Tweet your opinion.

  9. Tweet a photo.

  10. Tweet a video.

  11. Tweet a graphic.

  12. Tweet a story or personal anecdote.

  13. Tweet to another user to start a conversation.

  14. Tweet a link to your website.

  15. Tweet a question.

  16. Tweet a fun fact.

  17. Tweet about one of your favorite products.

  18. Tweet about one of your favorite services.

  19. Tweet about a new product that you want to try.

  20. Tweet about one of your favorite resources.

  21. Tweet about one of your favorite tools.

  22. Tweet about your opt-in offer or freebie.

  23. Tweet about one of your other social profiles to cross-promote.

  24. Tweet to thank your fans and followers!

  25. Tweet about a holiday.

  26. Tweet a throwback.

  27. Tweet about one of your favorite songs.

  28. Tweet about one of your favorite movies.

  29. Tweet about one of your favorite recipes.

  30. Tweet about one of your favorite books.

  31. Tweet about an upcoming event you’re attending.

  32. Tweet about an upcoming trip you’re taking.

  33. Tweet a call-to-action.

  34. Tweet to ask for feedback or advice.

  35. Tweet a poll.

  36. Tweet an infographic.

  37. Tweet about your passion.

  38. Tweet something educational.

  39. Tweet something entertaining.

  40. Tweet something funny.

  41. Tweet to a popular hashtag, such as #ThrowbackThursday.

  42. Tweet a meme.

  43. Tweet about a live event.

  44. Tweet about your daily routine.

  45. Tweet a fill-in-the-blank sentence.

  46. Tweet an announcement about your blog.

  47. Tweet about something you support.

  48. Tweet a mini lesson.

  49. Retweet a user with many followers.

  50. Retweet a user with a modest number of followers.


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