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Summer is here!

It’s mid-July, which means we celebrate the summer weather with endless beach trips, pool days, and fun in the sun. Summer is my favorite season, and I love spending time outdoors during the warmer months. Although I love getting tan and swimming in the ocean, the elements really take a toll on my skin. Here in Florida, it gets hot— and I mean REAL hot. After spending just two minutes outside in this weather, I start sweating. In the summer, I have to update my skincare routine to adjust to the changing weather and my more active lifestyle.

The AcneFree product line is designed to care for acne-prone skin. In the summer months when breakouts can happen, AcneFree products can help you to achieve clearer skin, both on your face and body. I occasionally get small breakouts on my body as well as my face, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that AcneFree products can help with body acne too!

I tried three AcneFree products: the Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash, the Therapeutic Sulfur Mask, and the Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo. I purchased all three products from I enjoyed trying each product, and I found that each one has a unique set of benefits. Even so, they were all super easy to incorporate into my summer skincare routine! Keep reading to discover how I fit each one into my routine.

AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash

The AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash is a great everyday face wash for people with acne-prone skin. It works to prevent breakouts before they happen, and it is soap free with 2% SA.

I was very excited to try this product because I love finding high-quality products that I can incorporate into my everyday skincare routine. This face wash contains avocado extract, which helps to reduce shine. I have naturally dry skin, but I still found that this product worked well for me as long as I properly moisturize after using it.

If you want to see how I use this product, check out my tutorial below!



How to use the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash:

Step 1: Dampen your skin.

Be sure to gently massage the product into your skin when you apply it, focusing extra attention on problem areas.

Step 2: Dispense a dime-size amount of product into your palm.

Step 3: Gently massage the product into your face. Avoid getting the product in your eyes. If your lips get dry easily, take extra care to avoid your lips, too. The face wash might dry your lips out.

Step 4: Rinse the product off well with warm water.

Step 5: Moisturize thoroughly to prevent excessive skin dryness.

Like I mentioned before, I started by using the Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash once per day since my skin is naturally more dry. If you try this product, you should adjust how often you use it based on your skin’s needs.

I loved the way this face wash felt on my skin. It had a cool, tingly feeling. If you have sensitive skin, it might burn a little, but it isn’t uncomfortable.

I highly recommend the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash if you’re looking for an affordable product that will help you to prevent breakouts.


AcneFree Therapeutic Sulfur Mask

The AcneFree Therapeutic Sulfur Mask is not just your ordinary face mask. This one is a deep penetrating pore therapy that is designed to soothe. The Therapeutic Sulfur Mask contains natural ingredients such as vitamin C, copper, zinc, and meadowsweet, that help to minimize the appearance of pores. This Therapeutic Sulfur Mask helps to treat acne-prone skin and also refines skin tone and texture.

For maximum effectiveness, use the product 2-3 times per week.

Read below to see my tutorial for how to use this product.


How to use the AcneFree Therapeutic Sulfur Mask:

This is what the mask looks like on your face!

Step 1: Make sure your skin is wet and clean. I usually use this mask right after getting out of the shower.

Step 2: Massage a thin layer of the mask into your skin, once again avoiding the eye area and the lip area. Keep massaging the product into your skin for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the mask turns a light blue color.

Step 3: Leave the mask on for an additional 10 minutes, or until the mask is completely dry. Now is a good time to brush your teeth, throw in a load of laundry, or browse social media.

Step 4: Rinse off with warm water and pat your skin dry with a towel.

Step 5: Moisturize well.

I found this mask to be an excellent product. You can choose to apply it to your whole face like I did, or you can spot treat by applying it only to problem areas. After I rinsed this mask off, my skin felt cool and refreshed. Although the recommended frequency of use is 2-3 times per week, you should adjust your routine based on how your skin is looking and feeling. If you find that spot treating daily with this mask works, try that! Or if you prefer doing this deep penetration treatment just once per week, do that. Just do whatever works for you.

I definitely feel as if the Therapeutic Sulfur Mask lived up to its name. When I used it, I loved the deep pore penetration and soothing effect I experienced while using it. If your skin needs some TLC, this mask might just be what you need!

AcneFree Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo

The AcneFree Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo was my favorite out of the three products I tried. It is so effective and easy to use!

This duo includes two products: the AcneFree Oil-Free Purifying Cleanser (not pictured) and the AcneFree Purifying Facial Cleansing Brush.

The Oil-Free Purifying Cleanser uses exfoliating microbeads to give the skin a deep cleanse. It works to remove pore-clogging dirt, excess oil, and acne-causing bacteria. This cleanser is unique because it is also effectively used on the chest and back.

The AcneFree Purifying Facial Cleansing Brush is a two-speed soft brush that works great with any AcneFree cleanser to gently exfoliate the skin. The brush is battery powered, and even better, batteries for the brush are included in the kit when you order it! In my opinion, the Purifying Facial Cleansing Brush is the most unique part of this product. How many cleansers do you find that have cute battery-powered brushes to go with them?

Read below for my tutorial on how to use this product.


How to use the AcneFree Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo:

Don’t press too hard on your skin when using the Purifying Facial Cleansing Brush. Ensure it’s gently touching your skin, and it will work perfectly!

Step 1: When you open up the product, you’ll need to install the two included batteries into the brush. Take the battery cover off the bottom of the brush. (That was a little difficult for me, but I can confirm that the battery cover does come off! It just takes a little persistence.) Install the batteries. Put the battery cover back on.

Step 2: Dampen your skin and the head of the brush. Pat the brush dry to remove excess water.

Step 3: Attach the brush head to the body of the brush.

Step 4: Apply a small amount of the Oil-Free Purifying Cleanser to the brush. Try to evenly spread the product over the surface of the brush head.

Step 5: Push the top button on the brush to turn it on. Then, massage the brush onto your face for 60 seconds to evenly apply the product to your face.

Step 6: Rinse the product off your face, and rinse the brush head thoroughly.

Step 7: Moisturize well.

The AcneFree Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo is intended to be used once per day, but like I said before, adjust your use based on how your skin looks and feels. The Purifying Facial Cleansing Brush can be used with any AcneFree cleanser, so if there’s another product that you like better, try it with that one! I absolutely LOVE the Purifying Facial Cleansing Brush. It’s my new favorite way to cleanse. The combination of the brush and the cleanser did make my skin a little red after using it, but the redness faded within 10 minutes.

The verdict…

Overall, I enjoyed trying these three AcneFree products. I think they are high-quality and really effective for treating acne-prone skin. They did dry my skin out quite a bit, which is why moisturizing after using these products is so important for me. Like I mentioned before, the Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo was my favorite out of the three products I tried. It’s a great value product, and the brush works amazingly in combination with the cleanser. Especially if you have acne-prone skin, I highly recommend that you try these AcneFree products. They might just change your life!


Ready to get beautiful skin for summer? Try AcneFree products today!


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