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Every day, I strive to be the best version of myself. By that, I mean trying my hardest in school, performing well at work, and looking my best. First impressions are important, especially when going on dates. I think it’s important to be authentic, but I want to present myself in the best light possible. I put a little extra effort into my appearance when getting ready for a date.

Today, I want to share eight steps I take to look great for nights out. My goal with this post is to provide inspiration on steps you can incorporate into your beauty routine. However, like I said before, you should be yourself and do what will make you feel beautiful for your next date. You might decide to wear more or less makeup than I do, or you might do your hair differently. The important thing is to be yourself.

I’m so excited to share my routine with you! Keep reading to discover eight steps to look and feel beautiful for your next date.

Step #1: Cleanse and detoxify.

The first step I take to get ready for a date is to cleanse. Before I apply my makeup, I like to start with a clean face. I make sure to thoroughly wash my face and rinse with warm water. I have naturally dry skin, and I use an oil-free cleanser that contains vitamin C and ginseng. You should find one that works well for your skin type.

After cleansing, I like to use a face mask. The one I’m using here contains charcoal and black sugar. It works to detoxify and remineralize my skin. I leave the mask on for about ten minutes, and then I rinse it off with warm water.

Step #2: Tone and moisturize.

Before I apply any foundation, I always make sure to use a toner and moisturizer. Like I mentioned before, I have very dry skin, so these steps are crucial for me. The toner and moisturizer I use are specifically for dry skin. First, I pat the toner on with my hands, spreading it evenly across my face and neck. Then, I follow with my moisturizer, making sure to apply extra product on the drier areas of my face.

Step #3: Apply makeup.

For date night makeup, I like to focus more on the eyes and go lighter on the lips. For this look, I’m using full-coverage foundation and concealer to give my skin a flawless look. Next, I’m filling in my eyebrows with dark brown eyeshadow, creating a subtle smoky eye and applying a thin line of eyeliner. I’m applying two coats of a volumizing mascara to really open my eyes up. I’m not contouring at all because I don’t want to go too heavy on the face makeup. However, I’m using an iridescent pink-toned highlighter to emphasize the high points of my face. On my lips, I’m using a natural pink lipstick.

Step #4: Curl hair.

I want this look to be sweet and romantic, so I’m using a curling wand to create large, soft curls. Before I apply heat to my hair, I use a heat protectant spray to prevent damage. For this look, I’m also using a texturizing spray to give my hair more lift. I always curl the bottom layer of my hair away from my face. I curl a few pieces of the top layer of my hair toward my face to break up the curls a little.


Step #5: Paint nails.

I don’t always like to spend the money to get my nails done, so instead I’m painting my nails using a shimmery pearl-colored nail polish.

Step #6: Choose an outfit.

I’m keeping my date night outfit simple this time. A little black dress is a great go-to, so I’m wearing one of my favorite LBDs that has pretty lace detailing. To add a pop of color, I’m wearing some floral print heels. I’m also keeping my accessories simple. To finish off the look, I’m wearing a classic two-tone watch.

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Step #8: Smile!

Everyone looks more beautiful when they smile. Using Colgate® Optic White® RADIANT™ Toothpaste, I can grin confidently knowing that I have a gorgeous white smile.

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