Women are powerful, skilled, and vital to the functioning of our society. Unfortunately, women aren’t always valued for their merit. We’ve come a long way, but we’re still fighting the battle against sexism. It’s easy to feel like the odds are against us. However, as long as we persevere, we can do whatever we set our minds to.

People don’t become successful by sheer luck. There are certain traits successful people possess that help them to achieve their goals. Especially as women, we need to work hard and stay focused in order to succeed. I’m following my dreams, and I want you to do the same. I have compiled a list of traits that successful women possess to empower you and inspire you to strive for the highest. No matter what your aspiration in life is, just know that you can do it!

Here are 30 traits of successful women:

  1. She makes time for herself.
  2. She challenges herself.
  3. She stays true to her values.
  4. She empowers herself and others.
  5. She works hard for what she wants.
  6. She doesn’t take “no” for an answer.
  7. She tries her best.
  8. She knows her worth.
  9. She knows that she is beautiful.
  10. She reads.
  11. She educates herself.
  12. She is kind.
  13. She is smart.
  14. She is a leader.
  15. She is in control of her life.
  16. She maintains a work-life balance.
  17. She cares for her mind and body.
  18. She manages her time and money.
  19. She knows when to put herself first.
  20. She allows herself to make mistakes.
  21. She can laugh at herself.
  22. She accepts that she is imperfect…
  23. …but she strives to improve.
  24. She has confidence in herself.
  25. She speaks her mind.
  26. She is independent.
  27. She is passionate.
  28. She is innovative.
  29. She is determined.
  30. She is herself.

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