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Flat hair is not fun. Especially for us long-haired ladies, it can sometimes be hard to get the body in our hair that we want when we style it. If I don’t style my hair, it just lies completely flat. And that’s fine I suppose, but I usually want to have a little more fun with my hair.

That’s where the Got2b® Volumaniac product line comes in. The Got2b® Volumaniac Hairspray and Volumaniac Bodifying Mousse provide insane body to limp hair from root to tip. I love expressing myself through my hair, and Got2b® Volumanic products give my hair the lift it needs to stand out.

I purchased the Got2b® Volumaniac hair products at Walmart. They were located on the hair styling aisle in the store.

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I’m so excited to show y’all how I style my hair using these products! Keep reading for my step-by-step tutorial.


Start with damp hair.

If I wash my hair in the morning, I’ll use these products while I dry it. However, I don’t wash my hair every day. It works just as well to dampen your hair before you apply the mousse. The product is definitely more effective on damp hair, so I’d recommend starting with freshly washed or dampened hair.


Dispense a golf ball sized amount of mousse into your hand.

OK, so I might have used a little more than a golf ball sized amount in the photo above. But my hair is thick, so naturally I’d use a little more product to make sure I’m able to achieve the effect I want.


Work the product into your hair.

Take the product and focus the majority of it onto your roots, then work the remaining product throughout your hair all the way to the tips. The product has a slightly sticky consistency, which helps to add volume. You will want the main concentration of the product to be on your roots so the volumizing formula can work its magic.


Blow dry your hair. 

For this step, you can use whatever technique you’re most comfortable with. Sometimes it helps to flip your head upside down and blow dry from underneath to achieve max volume. You can also use a round brush while blow drying to style your hair and lift it at the root. Different techniques work for different hair types, so just figure out what’s best for you!


When your hair is 95 percent dry, give it a blast of cold air to set it.

This is where the “cool” or “cold” setting on your hair dryer will come in handy. Once you’re almost done blow drying, give your hair a quick blast of cold air to lock in the volume and set it in place.


Finalize your look with hairspray!

To finish off my look, I used the Got2b® Volumaniac Hairspray. This hairspray keeps my hair in place all day. It’s a long-wear product with a strong hold, and it also boosts volume! It’s perfect for the look I wanted to achieve in this tutorial.


And that’s it!

After using Got2b® Volumaniac products, my hair had much more volume and body. Whenever I use these products, I enjoy voluminous hair that livens up my whole look. The Got2b® Volumaniac product line is both high-quality and affordable. If you want to add some life to your limp hair, these products are the way to go!


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