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Experimenting with personal style is one of my favorite things to do. I do that through my wardrobe, makeup, nails, and hair. Earlier this season, I decided I wanted to try something a little different— I lightened my hair. (Check out how I went lighter using Schwarzkopf Keratin Color in my previous post here.) I was really happy with the results from the first round, but I knew I could do even more. So, I turned to Schwarzkopf Color Ultime.

Schwarzkopf Color Ultime provides vibrant hair color options that suit many different hair types. The shades defy fading for up to nine weeks, which means that you can enjoy your fun hair color for longer without constantly re-dying it. Schwarzkopf Color Ultime offers fresh color and intense shine that is sure to make your hair stand out this fall season!

This time around, I decided I wanted to lighten my hair even more and pull some of the brassy tones out of it. I also decided to dye some hair extensions a fun, contrasting color so I can wear them out whenever I’m feeling a little rebellious!

I knew I wanted to go blonder, so I picked up the shade 9.5 Light Natural Blonde. I used this shade on my natural hair. For my fun highlight, I decided to go with 3.3 Amethyst Black. I loved the purple undertone in this shade. I knew it would be perfect for the extensions because it would provide a dark purple tone that was fun, but not overpoweringly bright.

I purchased my Schwarzkopf Color Ultime products at Walmart. The products are easy to find, located on the Hair Color aisle in the beauty section of the store!

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Each color kit comes with developer lotion, color cream, and a conditioning treatment to apply to your hair after you dye it. You also receive a pair of plastic gloves and a set of easy-to-follow instructions.



Let’s get into the tutorial!

I started out with the 9.5 Light Natural Blonde shade. After I opened the box, I put on the plastic gloves that came with it. These are important because they prevent the color from getting on your skin.


Mix the color

Next, I mixed the color cream with the developer lotion. I did this by dispensing the color cream into the application bottle that the developer lotion came in. Then, I shook it well to mix the contents.


Apply the color

I applied the color to my hair as thoroughly as possible to ensure even coverage.


Wait it out…

I waited about 40 minutes for the hair color to develop, checking my hair periodically to make sure everything was going as planned. Once it was finished developing, I rinsed it out with warm water.


Apply conditioner

After rinsing out the hair color, I applied the provided blue-toned conditioner to my hair. The conditioner works to remove brassy tones in the hair to achieve more of a true blonde shade.



Once I was finished dying the hair on my head, I moved on to the extensions. These are 14″ real human hair clip-in extensions. If you try to do this yourself, make sure to invest in real human hair because you can’t dye synthetic extensions like you can with real hair.

Some of the extensions I bought came in individual pieces, and others were connected. If you decide to buy your own extensions, make sure you buy the correct length and type for your needs.


Brush on the color

For the extensions, I found that using a hair coloring brush made it much easier to apply the color evenly. I followed the exact same process that I did with dying my own hair, except I used the 3.3 Amethyst Black shade. The shade came out purple on the extensions initially, but the color darkened as it developed.


Rinse the color out until the water runs clear

I made sure to thoroughly rinse the hair color out of my extensions. I didn’t want the color to stain any of my clothes or my lightened hair. I also applied the conditioning treatment to the extensions. Then, I let them air dry.


Now what?


Clipping in the extensions

Once the extensions were completely dry, I clipped them into my hair. It was very easy to just snap them right in wherever I wanted. I put two of the sets of connected ones on the bottom and mid layers of my hair, and then I put two individual extensions on each side of my face to frame it.The ones I bought turned out to be a good length for me, but you may have to trim yours to match the length of your hair if necessary.


I’m very happy with how my hair turned out! I really like how much lighter I was able to take it with Color Ultime, and the extensions turned out perfectly. As someone who had never used clip-in extensions before, I’m happy I got to try something new. I had so much fun in the process!

It has now been a week since I colored my hair, and it’s still as soft and vibrant as ever. Schwarzkopf Color Ultime is a great product to use if you’re looking for a bright and fun change for fall!

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