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Sometimes we all need a break from the stress of work, college, or life in general. One of my favorite ways to kick back and relax is to enjoy a few drinks at home with some friends and watch movies. I enjoy both going out and staying in, but sometimes I would rather have a low key evening rather than dealing with the stress of getting ready and going out somewhere.

While I love going out and enjoying yummy cocktails at my favorite bars and restaurants, I’ve recently been looking for ways to create delicious drinks from the comfort of my home. Today, I’m excited to share some great drink combinations I have discovered. Better yet, they are all super easy to replicate!

First, I went out and bought some of my favorite liquor to use for my cocktails. For this particular night in, I decided to get Bacardi Superior, Bacardi Dragonberry, and Grey Goose Original. I liked having the choice between rum and vodka. Bacardi is the world’s favorite rum, so it was an obvious choice for me! The Bacardi Dragonberry flavor in particular provides a fruity twist to a delicious favorite.

With a rich taste, Grey Goose Vodka is another great spirit to use for cocktails. Vodka is versatile, so it works with a variety of combinations!

Wendy’s Signature Drinks are great mixers to use for a ladies’ night in! There is a Wendy’s right by my apartment, so it’s easy for me to drive over there and pick up some mixers for my spirits. Some of my favorites to use are the Strawberry Lemonade and the Strawberry Passionfruit FruiTea Chillers®.

Another great thing about going to Wendy’s is the food! I enjoy their Chicken Tenders for a ladies’ night in. They go great with the cocktails, and they are easily shareable!

I would recommend measuring out all spirits using a shot glass to ensure that the drinks are proportional. For most of my drinks, I use a single shot, but I sometimes like to slip in a double shot of the Bacardi Dragonberry. Its fruity flavor keeps it smooth, and it mixes perfectly with the Signature Drinks, only available at Wendy’s.

Below are some delectable combinations I discovered:

  1. 1 shot Bacardi Superior + Strawberry Lemonade
  2. 1 shot Grey Goose Original + Strawberry Lemonade
  3. 2 shots Bacardi Dragonberry + Strawberry Passionfruit FruiTea Chillers®
  4. 1 shot Grey Goose Original + Strawberry Passionfruit FruiTea Chillers®

If you try any of these combinations or create your own, let me know what you think!

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